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The popularity of Getwin casino is a result of a vast array of gambling activities with well-thought-out details developed specifically for bitcoin gambling. We highly recommend this bitcoin casino for all crypto play newbies.

  • USA players accepted
  • Anonymous accounts
  • Players can deposit with BTC, LTC & Dash
  • Provably fair bitcoin slots
  • 100% complaints resolved
  • Beautiful website design & UX
  • No VIP rewards club exists, but loyal customers get exclusive bonuses.
  • No phone support

Getwin is one of the top bitcoin casinos in the US. It was founded in 2013 and only operates with three types of cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dash. However, in all other aspects it is on par with the leading casinos in the gambling industry. Thousands of slot machines from major providers created for bitcoin gambling, live dealers, roulette, baccarat, blackjack and sportsbook – all of this is offered by Getwin casino.

Getwin is known for fast payouts, attractive bonuses, free spins and cashbacks, as well as its own blog which focuses on different aspects of bitcoin casino gaming.

Below is a list of our evaluation methodology for selecting top Bitcoin casinos in the US, together with other useful information on using Bitcoin for gambling.

Best bitcoin casino USA

A variety of cryptocurrencies is commonplace in today’s online-casinos. However, in recent years there appeared websites which operate exclusively for players who prefer bitcoins and altcoins. If you want to play with euros or dollars and get payouts through Skrill or Credit Card, you won’t be able to do that in bitcoin casino USA, because it only accepts cryptocurrencies.

All bitcoin casinos are on our non Gamstop casinos list.

The so-called bitcoin-casinos or crypto-casinos have sprung one by one and continue to function quite successfully, emphasizing the interest of players for the use of crypto in gambling sphere. Many online guides advise bitcoin adepts to play exclusively in crypto-casinos, considering them to be more professional. Ric-Zai-Inc experts cannot agree more and would like to draw their readers attention to the following advantages:

  • Professional customer support with a vast experience in issues related to the use of cryptocurrencies in online casinos. Detailed FAQ sections, digital currency user guides, deposit/withdrawal procedure description, etc.
  • Special bonuses and promotions, developed specifically for cryptocurrencies
  • Gaming range suitable for bitcoins and altcoins only
  • Players are accepted worldwide, including USA
  • A rare option of sports betting, using crypto
Bitcoin Casino USA

Definition of cryptocurrency and bitcoin

The term ‘’cryptocurrency’’ and ‘’crypto’’ have become ingrained into our everyday vocabulary. However, not everyone fully understands the meaning of these terms. That is why many of us don’t even know about all the advantages of the modern cryptocurrency, including the benefits of its use for bitcoin gambling.

Cryptocurrency is one of the subtypes of a digital currency, created by and protected with the help of custom-tailored cryptographic technologies. It only exists in the blockchain and cannot be touched. Any crypto is a transaction data unit which contains information on previous transactions. These units comprise electronic registers which contain information on all crypto transactions which makes its use completely transparent.

At the same time these transactions are anonymous which ensures data safety of each crypto money owner. Cryptocurrency can be purchased, i. e. bought for traditional (fiat) money, using different currencies or alternatively it can be “mined”. Mining is the process of gaining cryptocurrencies. The process of mining results in creation of a new transaction unit, i. e. the update of current cryptocurrency electronic registers.

We often use the concepts of “cryptocurrency” and “bitcoin” interchangeably and there is a rationale behind it, since bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency to enter the market and remains the major crypto till the present day.

The term “cryptocurrency” first appeared in the article devoted to a new digital currency “bitcoin’’ created by Satoshi Nakamoto. In 2008 this man or a group of people whose names remain unknown until the present day have developed a revolutionary model of payments without intermediaries (banks, payment systems or services). This model has been developed to gain users anonymity and independence from controlling authorities. Aside from that, an essential component of bitcoin functionality is its potential for maximum protection from fraud.

How to use bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for gambling

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies called altcoins (alternative digital currencies) can be used to pay for goods and services like any other currencies – euros, dollars, ringgits, etc. Depending on national legislation and other individual factors you can use bitcoins in different countries to buy real estate, pay for tickets or restaurant bills.

Soon after crypto has entered the market it was adopted as a payment method by online casinos. At present, dozens of online casinos offer their players to choose Bitcoin (BTC) or Bitcoin Cash (BCH) as alternative currencies when registering on the website. Bitcoin Gambling is the future of online gambling.

Crypto varieties found in online casinos

The number of altcoins, both the ones that have been developed on the basis of bitcoin and those created from scratch, amounts to almost 2000 different cryptocurrencies.

The most popular cryptocurrencies are widely used by online casinos in Malaysia. Here goes the list of the digital monies one can come across when registering in bitcoin casino:

  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Ripple
  • Dogecoin (DOGE)
  • Dash (DASH)
  • Monero (XMR)
  • NEM
  • Bytecoin (BCN)
  • Tether (USDT)

Bitcoin in crypto casino: currency and payment method

If you use the links to different crypto casinos provided on our website, you will see that some of the operators offer bitcoin or altcoins as payment currency. This is reasonable, since crypto is above all a currency, albeit a digital one.

Other websites consider bitcoin as a means of payment method, while offering players to use traditional currencies to carry out transactions.

These different approaches to the concept of bitcoin have both their advantages and drawbacks. For instance, in those casinos that use crypto as a payment method, constant funds transfers can be associated with additional fees and/or losses during transfer of funds from traditional currencies. However, taking into account that many slot machines and other casino games are developed with traditional currencies in mind, the process of gaming and calculation of a player’s expenses, losses or wins can be much easier.

If you aren’t using euros or dollars anymore and are only considering crypto, then look no further than crypto casinos. You won’t have to make conversions to other currencies and deposits will be made using standard bitcoin addresses.

Apart from that, the majority of crypto-casinos offer the opportunity to create multicurrency accounts. Such accounts give you an advantage of using different payment methods for money withdrawals and account top-ups including the usage of several types of crypto.

How to use bitcoins and altcoins in online casinos: user guide

As you’ve already understood, bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies considerably differ from other payment methods. Let’s break down step by step how to use crypto for gambling and receiving your wins in online casinos.

How to make a deposit using bitcoins/altcoins

Bitcoins and altcoins are kept in special wallets. Their operational concept is similar to that of e-wallets created for traditional money. You can choose from a variety of crypto wallets. The most popular are: Bitpay, Copay, Paxful, Exodus, Coinfy.

To make a deposit in cryptocurrency:

Go to any cryptocurrency trading platform and top-up your bitcoin-wallet (altcoin-wallet) balance,if it’s empty.

Choose the casino that you like most and register on their website, choosing your preferred crypto option. Alternatively, you can choose any traditional currency and select crypto payment method in payment method section/page.

The majority of websites provide you with bitcoin address which you can copy into your wallet to create a transaction. Using your mobile, you can opt for QR-code provided by the casino which you can scan to create a transaction.

If necessary, you can specify casino as a recipient and hit the “Send” button.    

If the funds haven’t been received, you need to check, whether your wallet has been verified. You can check it through blockchain account, not the casino website.

How to withdraw money in bitcoins/altcoins from online casino

The advantage of cryptocurrency use in online casinos is the speed of fund withdrawal from player’s account and, in the majority of cases, absolutely zero withdrawal limits. The latter means that players can withdraw large jackpot winnings in one go.

The withdrawal procedure is identical to the procedure of depositing, however it’s important to remember that in order to proceed with withdrawals, the player’s account must be verified.

Crypto deposit/withdrawal limits

Just like with other payment methods, bitcoins and altcoins have their minimum and maximum deposits, withdrawals and payouts from the player’s account.

The maximum deposit varies depending on cryptocurrency and a particular casino. It can range anywhere from 100 to 4000 units. The minimum deposit also varies and depends on casino rules.

Minimum bitcoin/altcoin withdrawal limits are determined by an online casino on an individual basis. In most cases they are identical to minimum deposit sums. Maximum withdrawal sums depend on the cryptocurrency type and can range between 2-5 LTC, BTC, ETH, BCH or 400-500 USDT.

We’d like to draw your attention to the fact that not all online casinos that accept bitcoin and crypto deposits, allow to withdraw money in crypto. You can always find out, whether a particular casino accepts crypto for deposits/withdrawals in our reviews.

Bonuses for bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies

We’d like to emphasize that Bitcoin-casinos that work exclusively with bitcoin (or other cryptocurrencies) offer all possible bonuses: percent bonus on the first deposit, reload-bonuses, free spins, cash-backs, tournaments, and VIP-programs.

What do other casinos, where bitcoin is just one of the options among many, can offer to players who favour crypto? In most cases, all bonuses and promotions apply to digital currencies, however, sometimes there are some restrictions, for example players won’t be able to get a cashback.

In contrast, in some casinos bitcoin users are considered privileged players and get exclusive bonuses. For example, Getwin bitcoin casino USA offers a weekly additional deposit funds with the help of 55% bonus for their users playing with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash.

Bitcoin slots

Only some providers have yet to adjust their slot-machines to the use of crypto. Even though bitcoin is the most popular crypto in online-casinos, providers such as Microgaming, NetEnt, Platipus, GameArt don’t support it in their games. We believe that the ever-growing popularity of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will eventually force these providers to fully adapt their gaming range to the demands of the modern player.

Where to get cryptocurrency

Early on bitcoins were gained through mining, i.e. cryptocurrency was randomly distributed among users. Today, however, this method is productive only for huge services with powerful equipment, that is why people prefer to buy bitcoins through cryptocurrency exchange or bitcoin brokers. Another option is gambling in online-casinos that support crypto (you can use this great online casino in Philippines to go 100% crypto!).

I won a large amount of bitcoins. What’s next?

The most obvious option is to exchange crypto for fiat money. Aside from that, bitcoin is accepted as a means of payment in large corporations such as Dell, Microsoft, Amazon, as well as some cafés and shops. However, the most popular application of bitcoin is online payments.

How to make a deposit with crypto?

After you choose crypto as a payment method, you’ll be provided with bitcoin wallet address which you can use to transfer funds to your player’s account. Another option is to use QR-code sent by the online-casino to create a transaction. To make a transfer, scan the code and confirm the transaction by hitting “Send” button.

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